Masterarbeiten 2020

Filter: Institut für angewandte Informationstechnologie
Antivirus Software Attack Surface Security Analysis
Studenten: Daniel Jampen
Betreuer: Bernhard Tellenbach
Automated Detection and Classification of Vasculopathy in EvG Stained Histological Sections using Machine Learning
Studenten: Raffael Affolter
Betreuer: Andreas Weiler
Exploiting the Full Information of Varying-Length Utterances for DNN-Based Speaker Verification
Studenten: Daniel Neururer
Betreuer: Thilo Stadelmann
FirmwareDroid - Security Analysis of the Android Firmware Eco-System
Studenten: Thomas Sutter
Betreuer: Bernhard Tellenbach
Medical Image Analysis using Deep Learning
Studenten: Stefan Huschauer
Betreuer: Thilo Stadelmann
Real-time Anomaly Detection in Customer Intelligence Plattform
Studenten: Roman Fürst
Betreuer: Jürgen Spielberger
Sniffing out the Bad Guys - Classifying URLs using Active Probing and 3rd-Party Data Sources
Studenten: Olivier Favre
Betreuer: Bernhard Tellenbach
Spracherkennungssystem für SCAI
Studenten: Matthias Büchi
Betreuer: Hans-Peter Hutter
ValueNet: A Neural Text-to-SQL Architecture Incorporating Values
Studenten: Ursin Brunner
Betreuer: Kurt Stockinger